• Porter's Journey

Porter’s Journey

Hi there! Please let me introduce myself! I’m Porter the Pig and I’m so happy to be the newest member of the Temecula Creek Inn family! I moved from my old home in the country and am starting to find my way around. I’m new in town, but it’s not like I fell off just any ol’ turnip truck — it was a Temecula olive truck!

You’ll be seeing me around the resort, letting you know what’s new at the golf course, what’s happening out at Stone House and more, but I’m especially excited to share what’s new at Cork | Fire Kitchen (the kitchen is where all the magic happens, right?) Because if there’s one thing I love, it’s food! I am a pig, you know.

I’ll also be heading out around the Temecula Valley to introduce you to local purveyors — wineries, farms, ranches, etc. — who make this region so diverse, and our menus so delicious. Check out our newest offering, Bev & Bites, to see how they’re inspiring our chef these days.

February 2017

Porter’s first Valentine’s as a taken swine
Hey everyone! Porter here. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and I’m planning an extra special, romantic getaway for Olive & I – it’s a surprise! Can’t wait to see the look on her face when she sees what I have in store for her (chocolate bon bons are involved which are her favorite)! I hope all you guys out there are planning to treat your special loved one to something extra sweet. Wishing you all a Happy Valentine’s Day!
– Porter

January 2017

Kicking off 2017!
Happy New Year everyone! Porter here. I plan to start things off the right way by ordering Chef Matt’s Turkey Burger he created for Temecula Restaurant Month. It’s out of this world delicious! My mantra – eat more turkey. Until next time – Porter.

December 2016

Porter’s Temecula Christmas Plans
Hey everyone. Christmas is almost here and then New Year celebrations. I’m excited that Olive is my +1 for all the festivities. We’ll be snuggling on a horse-drawn carriage ride through the wineries this year. She also wants to check out the Holiday Magic on Main Street in Old Town. Sounds like a great idea. Then, of course, we might run into you at Temecula Creek Inn for some of Chef Darrell’s wonderful holiday meals. If i don’t see you, Happy Holidays! – Porter out.

October 2016

Porter’s First Couple’s Costume Experience
Hey everyone, Porter here! Anybody got a great couples costume idea? It’s Olive & I’s first Halloween together and she really wanted to be matching. I suggested we should go as “Pork & Belly” (I have the belly covered), but she wasn’t a fan of my idea. Stop by Cork|Fire Kitchen for a visit and tell me your best couples costume ideas! – Porter

August 2016

Porter’s Summer Adventures cont.
Hey everyone! I hope you’ve all had a wonderful summer so far. I’ve had a fantastic summer so far. Another month, another great couple of dates. It’s looking like I found the one more and more each date! I promise to introduce her to you all soon. Until then, stay cool and hydrated in the summer heat! – Porter out.

June 2016

Porter’s Summer Adventures
Hey everyone! Porter here. Sorry I’ve been M.I.A. lately. I’ve been going on a few dates around town, and I have to say, I have a good feeling about this! I hope to introduce her to all of you soon. Until then, stay cool this summer and eat more beef!

April 2016

Porter’s Love Quest
Porter Here! Just wanted to provide you all with a quick update. I don’t want to jump to any conclusions, but I may have found a new girlfriend! Hooves Crossed! I will keep you all updated, stay tuned!

February 2016

Porter’s Valentines Hunt
Hey everyone! It’s Porter. Hope everyone had a wonderful New Years! I’m on a mission in 2016 to find the future Mrs. P. If you see any eligible swines on your romantic escapades, put in a good word for me and direct them to the Inn. Wish you all a Happy Valentine’s Day. Porter out!

December 2015

Porter’s Christmas Wish
Hey Everyone, Porter here! It’s been great seeing everyone celebrate the holiday season with their loved ones at the Inn! Seeing all the happy couples makes me wonder when I will find my partner in swine. If you see a potential future Mrs. P, please point her my way – you know where to find me! In the spirit of Christmas, I’ll leave you with a classic – “All I Want for Christmas is a Girlfriend” – sung by yours truly!

July 2015

Porter Visits Old Town
Porter here! And so is summer! The days are sunny and the nights are warm. It’s the perfect time to hit the town! Old Town, that is. Dining, wine tasting, boutique shopping, dancing, museums, live music and more… I’ll meet you there! I’m going to freshen up with a mud bath first… I’ve been sweating like a pig!

June 2015

Connect with Porter
When Porter isn’t visiting with guests, he’s tweeting, tagging and sharing on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram! Follow Temecula Creek Inn and stay up-to-date with all the fun going on in our corner of wine country.

Plus, you’ll see our #TravelTuesday offerings exclusive to our friends on social media! With everything from discounted special packages to complimentary treats at Cork|Fire Kitchen, Tuesday might just end up being your favorite day of the week!

May 2015

Porter in the Kitchen
Hey everyone, Porter here! I’m finally spending some quality time in my favorite place in the world: the Kitchen!

Want to know why our chef’s food is so scrumptious? He’s using ingredients raised and grown locally! Fluegge Farms and Temecula Olive Oil Company… all our friendly neighbors! Yep, I definitely chose the right place to settle down.

Take a look at Cork|Fire Kitchen’s menu. I’m sure you’ll enjoy our chef’s Temecula-grown dishes. Come on in and say hello this spring!

Spring 2015

Porter here, and it’s time to swing into spring! The course is lookin’ good and the weather is beautiful! I could just lay in one of these bunkers all day, but General Manager Tom says it’s dangerous. Guess I’ll be at the pool.

But first, I’m supposed to tell you about the new promo we’re teeing off spring with, Nine & Dine! Hit the links, then grab some drinks! See you on the greens!

Winter 2014

Out & About in Old Town Temecula
Happy holidays from Temecula! Winter is much colder where I’m from, and it ain’t easy finding mittens for these hooves. As much as I like the snow, I love Temecula’s winter season! The weather is perfect for golfing, wine tasting, hot air balloon tours and shopping, but the evenings are cool enough to cozy up and enjoy the fire. Speaking of shopping, I just got back from Old Town Temecula! The whole place is decked out for the holidays with lights, trees and decorations. I had to pick up a few things for the Inn.

First stop was Temecula Lavender Co. for their lovely smelling herbs and soaps. I like to smell nice (trying to break a stereotype here), and Lavender is my favorite! Next was Temecula Olive Oil Co, another family owned favorite of Old Town. Chef Tim loves cooking with their products! And a trip to Old Town wouldn’t be complete without a treat. Old Town Root Beer hit the spot. I love roots to begin with, but they’re even better in soda form! They have over 500 glass bottled sodas to choose from!

I’ll definitely be visiting Old Town again this season with all the Temecula Chilled fun happening right now. Hope to see you there!

Fall 2014

Out & About at Robert Renzoni Vineyards
I spent the day with Mr. Renzoni at his newly renovated tasting room modeled after a true Italian Villa. I could barely keep up – the place is huge! With 12 acres of vineyards in Temecula Valley, it’s big enough to get lost in (actually, I did get lost).

Mr. Renzoni can make so many different wines because of the diversity in Temecula Valley’s types of soils. I can confirm – Temecula soil is also excellent for rolling in. You can visit for a wine tasting or take a tour of the vineyards. But my favorite part of the day was playing bocce ball with Robert on their picnic grounds!

Summer 2014

I’ve got to say that the Grapeline Shuttle has been just what I needed as I’ve been out exploring the best of wine country. It really is the best way to explore: Cool, comfy and in the company of fellow wine buffs looking to have a great time!

I know, I’m a pig and my transportation options are rather limited, but I’d take the Grapeline even if my rollerskates weren’t in the shop for repairs.

Grapeline offers all sorts of deals, but take it from me and book a Wine Country Getaway at Temecula Creek Inn – not only do you get the great Grapeline service, you also get a sweet place to stay after a day of indulgence!

Spring 2014

Out & About at Wilson Creek Winery
Planning a day in wine country? Wilson Creek Winery is a must see. First off, it’s a family business (Rosie Wilson herself planted the flowers!) and you can feel that in the energy and personal touch when you visit – it’s very warm and welcoming, even to pigs like me! Wilson Creek is famous for its almond champagne, and I can’t imagine a wine that’s more fun to drink! Their new winemaker, Kestutis “Gus” Vizgirda, has won plenty of awards, including gold medals for Best Viognier and Best Sauvignon Blanc at the California State Competition.

Guess that’s all for now! Check back soon for more updates from me!

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