Crux Move

We collaborate with our client partners to help them create organizational culture change that makes it easier for them to be successful and to meet their long-term business goals. We use powerful tried and tested leadership and team development processes to help you meet your culture change goals, whether you are looking to change or enhance the culture of your leadership team or your entire organization.

If you are looking for a two-hour or even one-day team building event we’re probably not the right resource for you. If, on the other hand, you are looking for a powerful intervention to make real change happen that positively impacts your business results and the engagement of your work force, we would welcome the opportunity to partner with you.

What does Crux Move mean?

Effective business professionals and mountaineers have a lot in common. They both take risks with a team to accomplish challenging goals. “Crux”, the essence of something, or the pivotal point upon which everything else rests, is the foundation for the climbing term crux move. On any climbing route the crux move is the most challenging as well as the most rewarding. Getting your people working together and aligned with your business goals is your organization’s crux move. Their relationships and alignment affect everything else.

Organizational Development Programs

We can help you develop strength in three focus areas. These three areas are difficult to separate. There is significant overlap and interconnectedness and it’s almost impossible to do work in one area without affecting the other two. Still, to get a sense for how we can help you we find it useful to define them separately.

Organizational Culture Change

  • Create a healthy culture of success modeled by your senior leadership team.
  • Increase employee engagement and commitment.
  • Create common language and cooperation across functional boundaries.
  • Break down silos.

Leadership Development Training

  • Build greater self-awareness and greater understanding of others in order to develop and strengthen key relationships.
  • Develop skills to collaborate effectively with key relationships and other leaders in your organization.
  • Develop skills to more fully leverage your role as a leader.
  • Develop skills to create an environment on your team that produces exceptional results.

Team Development Training

  • Gain skills and awareness needed to develop your real work relationships and then practice those skills in real time.
  • Secure the foundations for effective communication and conflict resolution.
  • Learn to collaborate more effectively with others to achieve shared goals.
  • Build trust required to have the real conversations that impact your business goals.

Our Experiential Approach

To help our clients meet and exceed their goals, we utilize experience based training and development (EBTD) methodology and adventure learning processes to create powerful and dynamic training experiences. Creating a partnership with Temecula Creek Inn has enabled Crux Move to provide high quality corporate culture change, leadership development training programs and team building training programs in Southern California. Read more about our program locations and how we have provided experiential training processes to our clients word wide.

Expertly facilitated experiential training adds depth and power to your experience in a way that cannot be accomplished by classroom training alone. We’re not just talking about teaming concepts or practicing skills to use later. Our clients get the chance to use their skills “now”. We believe that’s what gives our training experiences staying power. Read a testimonial on “…results that endure over time…”

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