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These people rock!

Temecula Carriage CompanyTemecula Carriage Company

Arrive to your ceremony site in a beautiful cinderella, horse-drawn carriage. Talk about a grand entrance and a special moment you and your guests will never forget. We’ve seen it and it is awesome!


Temecula Wedding PhotographerHulse Photography

This husband and wife team are good and they LOVE to photograph weddings. If you want someone that can capture a feeling and not just a picture, then check them out!



Wedding VideosRustic Red Stuidos

Rustic Red Studios has that creative touch, while not missing a moment of your day. Their work seemlessly brings you a raw, intimate view of your day that you can relive forever. We cry everytime we watch one of their videos! Anyone have a tissue?



Temecula Wedding CakesCakes to Celebrate

Have a dream wedding cake in mind, but now sure who can make it come to life? Then you need to call Debbie at Cakes to Celebrate. Their cakes are not only unique and memorable, BUT DELICIOUS! If you need someone to help with the taste testing, we’re always available (wink, wink).