building with trees in the skyline

Give & Grow

At Temecula Creek Inn, we believe in cultivating opportunities to thrive in our broader community—in Temecula and beyond. Our own community is inspired by the generous nature of the broad oak tree, which gives shade and sustenance to support life. We support the causes that matter to our employees and guests. For more information about our community giving program for non-profit organizations, read below.

Giving Guidelines

Our core values drive our commitment to the ideal of helping the youth & families of our community gain life skills, obtain the healthcare & education they need, and become self-sufficient adults. We are committed to giving through grants, volunteering, in-kind contributions, sponsorships, and partnerships.


We support effective, tax-exempt, 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations that share our commitment to helping youth & families, especially children with special needs, families in need, and those with the fewest resources.


We strive to champion causes that matter most in the communities where our valued Team Members and guests reside. Each year, Team Members and families join together to raise funds, volunteer, and advocate for organizations and programs that endeavor to improve the lives of our friends, family members, and neighbors. For TCI, supporting charitable organizations that make such a difference to so many is not an obligation; it is an honor.

Please see our guiding principles and criteria to see if your non-profit organization is compatible with our focus.


We are proud to partner with well-established and sustainable non-profit groups with a history of community involvement and investment. We expect our potential partners to conduct their business affairs with integrity, including regular review of financial statements.


Because of our strict focus, we do not provide grants or funding for the following:

  • Individuals/Programs outside of Riverside or San Diego Counties
  • Cash reserves
  • Conferences/ Seminars
  • Travel/ tours
  • Films/ Photography/ Books
  • Seed money/ start-up costs
  • Programs in operation for less than 12 months
  • Inaugural programs
  • Pow Wows

Sectarian or denominational religious organizations, such as churches, missionary groups or funds, whose activities primarily benefit members or adherents unless funds are being sought for purposes that will benefit the broader community

If your organization fits our guidelines, please email your request and proof of 501(c)(3) status to